Wasmus Consulting offers a wide range of services within the scope of microfinance and banking. Our key services can be grouped thematically into support for Greenfield Banking, Agricultural Finance, Institutional Quick-Scan and Loan Officer Apps. Of course we can also tailor services to your specific needs and demands, please do not hesitate to contact us for a competitive offer.

Support for establishing Greenfield Banks and MFIs

Despite enormous growth in financial inclusion worldwide, there are still countries and customer segments that are severely under-banked. Such situations may merit a Greenfield initiative. Our Consultants have first hand experience in establishing and managing Greenfield micro and small enterprise banks on different continents. Services include conducting the initial feasibility study, pre-selection of likeminded investors, recruitment of management, capacity building of staff, MIS selection, and drafting key operational policies and procedures. Whatever your specific needs, we can help you achieve your goal of establishing a target group oriented financial institution in an underserved market in the shortest possible time.

Institutional Quick-Scan & business model validation

As the micro and SME finance sector is maturing and competition increases, many financial institutions are faced with questions concerning the appropriateness of their business model. Is the institutional strategy still valid in the rapidly changing business environment? How does the institution’s performance compare to its competitors and international best practice? Are products and services still up-to-date? Are processes optimized, taking advantage of new technologies? Is the applied lending methodology still adequate given the changing risk profile of the clients? Should the institution invest in branchless banking or other delivery channels? If your institution faces these or similar questions, a Quick Scan may be of great value. This cost-effective solution provides you with an excellent understanding of the real issues and offers actionable and easy-to-implement recommendations to stay ahead of the game. If so desired, we’d be more than happy to assist you in the implementation of those recommendations in a follow-up assignment.

Agricultural Finance

While there is high demand from farmers for agricultural finance in emerging markets, most banks and MFIs in emerging economies have difficulties in delivering adequate financing to smallholders and commercial farmers on a profitable basis. We offer financial institutions the following services related to agricultural finance: feasibility study and implementation plan, agricultural credit training programs for loan officers, establishment of an agricultural credit department, product development, risk management tools, value chain financing methodologies and last but not least an innovative, tablet-based application which guides the loan officers through the complete loan-analysis process.

Loan Officer Apps

Great progress has been made in recent years when it comes to the application of technology in banks and MFIs in emerging markets. Mobile money and branchless banking have taken off in a big way and have eased access to credit and banking services for millions. One area where technology has made less of an impact, is in enhancement of productivity and data quality in the loan-analysis process. We have developed a state-of-the-art, Android tablet-based Application to assist agricultural loan officers in loan appraisal. These Apps can be customized to the needs of individual institutions through a web interface. Apps produce state-of-the-art credit analysis reports in PDF format. An API is available to integrate the Apps with institutions' Core Banking systems. Please see www.loanappraiser.eu for more information.
The available apps are:

• Biz Loan Appraiser, based on best practice individual micro and SME lending methologies, for very efficient loan assessments
• Agri Loan Appraiser, based on 20 years of first-hand agricultural lending experience, has unique features in terms of agricultural plot identification & measurement, in-built yield calculations and flexible, cash-flow based loan design.

Contact us if you need a tailor made App. to optimize your business process.