Koen Wasmus

Koen Wasmus is a senior SME/microfinance banker with 20 years of international experience in close to 20 countries. Koen established and led commercial microfinance banks and MFIs (among which MEB/ ProCredit Bank Kosovo), held executive positions at holding/network level (ProCredit, Opportunity International) and was successful at turnaround management. At IPC and Wasmus Consulting, Koen has gained significant and diverse short-term consulting experience in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Koen has a strong personal interest in agricultural finance and a proven track record of establishing agricultural lending units within financial institutions. Koen served on 7 boards of banks and MFIs. Since January 2015 he is a board member of KEP Trust, Kosovo. Koen has a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Wageningen University.

Barbara Wasmus

Barbara Wasmus is a senior expert with close to 10 years of banking and investment experience. While with IPC, Barbara served as deputy CEO at ProCredit Bank Kosovo and as founding CEO of NovoBanco Angola. She subsequently joined Triple Jump Fund Management as a senior investment officer. She is currently an investment committee member of two US-based institutional microfinance investment funds. Barbara has a passion for the development of internal control systems in support of efficient and effective banking operations. She has successfully designed and applied such systems in the context of turnaround and technological interventions and while setting up Greenfield banks. Barbara has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen.